For a while, several actors - institutions and individuals - involved in the Telemedicine development in Romania, under ROSA coordination, encouraged the initiative for the establishment of the Association for Telemedicine and Space Applications for Health- ATASS (acronym comes from the Romanian name of the Association: "Asociatia de Telemedicina si Aplicatii Spatiale pentru Sanatate"). ATASS is intended to be the promoter of strategy, applications, excellence and cooperation in Telemedicine and other health-related space spin-off applications.  
  The Excellence Center for Space Applications in Telemedicine and Human Biological Welfare endorsed this initiative and worked on the ATASS's legal foundation, as well as on its identity and synergy with related professional associations definition. The General Assembly initiating the Association for Telemedicine and Health Space Applications took place in Bucharest at the Fundeni Clinical Institute on the 30th of September 2003.  
  Any interested people and/or institution is invited to adhere to the new ATASS. The current version of the Statute (RO), and the Joining Documen (RO) are available to be looked up online.
For contact please e-mail to Calin Popovici, MD.
A list of the present members of ATASS can be found in the Statute document linked above.
  The current configuration of ATASS' Board is:  
Honoris Causa
Co-Chairmen of the Association
Prof. Dr., at MITAC, VCU - Richmond
Prof. Dr., at IRCAD - Strasbourg
Chairman of the Board
Irinel POPESCU, MD, Prof. Dr., at I. C. Fundeni - Bucharest
Vice Chairmen of the Board
Lazar FULGER, MD, Prof. Dr., at UMF "Victor Babes" - Timisoara
Vasile SARBU, MD, Prof. Dr., at University „Ovidius" - Constanta
General Secretary of the Board
Calin POPOVICI, MD, EMBA, at IOMC - Bucharest
Treasurer of the Association
Nicoara CAMPEANU, MD, at I. C. Fundeni - Bucharest
Members of the Board
Marius-Ioan PISO, PhD, at ROSA - The Romanian Space Agency
Serban GEORGESCU, MD, Prof. Dr., at I. C. Fundeni - Bucharest
Pierre de HILLERIN, PhD, Prof., at INCS - Bucharest
Vlad Valeanu, MScEE, at Institute for Space Sciences - Bucharest